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If you have just spent a week hard at work, meeting deadlines, handling difficult clients and bosses, you definitely need to unwind someplace over the weekend, do something to work the stress off. What better way to do it than to head out to an axe throwing ‘bar’ with the buddies? Axe throwing has caught on like wild fire across the country and it is easy to  find many full fledged, well equipped throwing ranges and bars for this unusual sport.

The best thing about axe throwing is the sheer exhilaration it offers when your axe lands with a  satisfying thunk right in the center of the target but that’s really not why aficionados love this sport. Axe throwing can be a real stress buster, an excellent way to harmlessly expend your frustration or aggression or just a really exciting and competitive sport to engage in with friends.

The first axe throwing bar close to home began its journey in 2006 in Toronto as just a small indoor arena for friends. The sport caught on so quickly and owner Matt Wilson had so many people lining up to try their hand at flinging an axe at the target that he had to move to a different place and open a much larger ‘range’ to cater to the patrons in 2011. Today, proud owner of the popular Backyard Axe Throwing League, with a rather apt acronym- BATL, Wilson has branches in many locations in the U.S and Canada. The first axe throwing bars in the U.S. are believed to have popped up in Chicago but the sport became a sensation overnight so it’s difficult to say where it all began here.

What is axe throwing?

If you are imagining something that looks like it’s been taken right out of an awesome book or show about Vikings, well, you would be quite right. Axe throwing is quite the visually dramatic sport that has the ability to get you all charged up and raring to go. And the good thing is that it’s fairly simple and straight forward to learn it as well. You won’t need to spend hours and dollars before you can start although spending some time practicing obviously improves your Bulls eye rate.

The sport is easy to understand. You pick up the axe and throw it at the target. If you hit the bulls eye in the center you score the maximum points. There is a well defined system of scoring all laid out ready for you so you can read up beforehand to know what you score when you hit the target at different spots. This is typically a group sport, with a gang of friends coming together to test their skills with the axe so you are assured of a few hours of fun, excitement and friendly competition for sure.

There IS skill involved in this sport though and if you want to hone those skills you can head to axe throwing bars where they may give you pointers or you can ask friends who are very much into this sport and know the ropes. You would be surprised at how much there is to learn and how, with a little bit of technique, you can nail that bulls eye every time when you swing the axe.

Starting from how to choose the axe, how to stand, how far to position yourself from the target, how to swing, when to let the axe go- there is quite a lot for you to pick up if you want to take a serious approach to this sport. But you can head out to your nearest axe throwing session without knowing anything about the sport. You are sure to find someone willing to give you friendly tips on how to get started.

If you are in Las Vegas and you are in the mood for something that will let you get an adrenaline rush and keep your competitive genes pumping, axe throwing is just right for you. Here is where you would head for the best axe throwing sporting activity in Las Vegas:

Axe Monkeys

Touted as Las Vegas only indoor range for axe throwing, this might be your best bet if the weather seems dicey. Axe Monkeys has quite an impressive range in Las Vegas and the company’s five star reviews from happy customers tell you a lot about the ambience and the service they offer as well. What kind of service, you ask?? Well, Axe Monkeys takes the sport seriously enough to have proper trainers on call so you can actually get pointers on what you are doing wrong or right even as you try your hand at this awesome sport. You might need reservations if you are bringing a group of more than four people here because it is quite a popular haunt for locals and visitors. If you have kids in the group over seven years of age, just bring them along because Axe Monkeys is equipped for kids as well. With excellent safety features, friendly trainers, some exciting games and the perfect equipment at hand here, you are sure to have some fun!

Axehole Vegas

Axehole comes to Las Vegas from Canada where axe throwing originated so you have an ‘authentic’ experience here. And remember they claim to be the ONLY licensed venue for the sport. This five star rated axe throwing venue is the very first one to open shop here. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that this is a place just for adults. Kids above the age of seven are welcome here and quite a few of them do visit and have the time of their lives with the many throwable things they have stocked up here, that include ninja stars, spears, throwing cards, knives and more apart from axes. Don’t hesitate to ask for tips and tricks to get your bulls eye- they offer training for novices too.  You can drop in with family and have a friendly competition that is sure to have everyone having fun. If you know someone who really enjoys this kind of sport, you can even gift them an Axehole never- expiring gift certificate and guarantee yourself an axe throwing partner in the process.


This is a fairly new entrant in this niche with the place opening doors to public in 2017 and it’s not just axe throwing that you will find here so you can keep yourself occupied all day. Within the axe throwing segment, they have all sorts of sharp, shiny things for you to throw to your heart’s content against sturdy targets. Throwing knives and ninja stars are a staple here. There are skilled trainers too and you can call out to get some help with your throwing technique if you are missing the mark too many times for your comfort.  The axes are regularly inspected and maintenance is top notch and so is the safety, which means that you can unleash your inner Viking with zero worries about knocking someone on the head here. You can have a friendly competition with friends or try your hand at axe throwing solo here but if you plan to bring a bigger group than six people, it may be a good idea to call in beforehand and book a slot.

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