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Solid Concrete Contractors Las Vegas Can Help You Remodel Your Backyard Patio

When you are hoping to remodel your backyard patio, you must work with a concrete contractor who makes this job easier. You can bring a bit of life to your backyard, and you can create a design that will delight all the people that come over. Read through all the things that the concrete contractor can do to make this job fun and successful.

Solid Concrete Contractors Las Vegas offers many services, including: Walkways, Pools, Backyard Patios Stamped and Decorative, Basements and Foundations, Sidewalks and Pavers, and Driveways. Reach out to their team at (702) 329-6011. Their company headquarters is located here at 1820 E Sahara Ave, Ste 224, Las Vegas, NV 89104.

Here is one of the votes in support of the best concrete contractor in Las Vegas from James E Vestal on Google: “I had these guys build me a new walkway on the side of my house leading to my backyard where they also did a brand new concrete patio. Boy did they do a great job! If you need quality work done by experienced professionals call Solid Concrete Contractors Las Vegas!”

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How Large Is Your Home’s Patio?

Luis Jones says that your patio may not be that big right now, but you can expand your patio to other areas of your backyard if you like. When you want the patio to get bigger, you use ask the contractor out to the house to give you an estimate of what they can do to help you. You will see how much it costs to expand your patio, or you may decide to make the patio the same size as it is right now. You can cut costs by not adding any strange design elements, and you can ask the contractor how fast they can complete the job.

Unique Las Vegas Designs

You can add design elements to the patio that will make your backyard look vastly different than it normally would. You may ask for a special concrete stamping treatment that makes the patio look as though it was made from bricks or cobblestones. You could ask the contractor if they can draw a design in the concrete, or you could ask for your monogram to be displayed in concrete.

When you request a special design, the job takes a bit longer than it would have otherwise. However, you raise the value of your home because you have a beautiful patio that is completely unique to your house. Plus, you can use the designs to help mirror the design that is inside the house. Your patio sits outside, but it will look like an extension of the interior design.


You can add color to concrete to help it blend in with your design aesthetic. If you have a beach them in your backyard, you could have your patio dyed the color of sand, or you could use a baby blue to mimic the color of the ocean. Your options are endless because you can dye the patio the color of bricks, or you could use a pale pink color that reminds you of Art Deco buildings of the past. Ask your contractor how they will introduce color into the backyard, and ensure that you have seen their portfolio so you know what their dye work looks like.

Walkways And Paths

You can create walkways and paths around your home that extend from the patio. You could have a special landing poured that sits at the bottom of your deck stairs, or you could have a special landing poured that sits at the base of the patio. When you want your walkways and paths to mirror the patio, you may have them all poured at the same time. The color will be consistent, and the paths and walkways will all appear to emanate from the patio instead of being separate pieces of the landscape design.

Pool Patios

You could have your patio poured around the pool that you just installed, and you may requested a special shape that will wrap around the pool and create lounging space for the group. You could also ask about a design for an outdoor kitchen, and you could even have the floor poured for a gazebo that you plan to build. The same could be true if you would like to build a greenhouse, or you could ask for a concrete wall that helps separate your home from the house next door.

Affordable Concrete Costs

You can ask for an estimate when Solid Concrete arrives at your home, and you should ask why each part of the patio costs what it does. You can lower the price of the patio when you are working directly with the contractor, or you could request the special colors that you think look the best. When you are working out a price with Solid Concrete, you will not start the job until it has been approved.

They Do Everything

The top concrete contractor in Las Vegas will do everything that you need to help build a beautiful patio. You do not need to lift a finger to get the patio poured, and you can ask for progress reports from the contractor as the concrete is poured. You may ask the contractor at Solid Concrete how long it will take the cure the concrete, and you may need to give the contractor more time if you have weather conditions in the area that will make concrete work more difficult.

Hire The Best Concrete Installers in Las Vegas for your Backyard Patio

There are a number of people who would like to build a new patio, but they need help. The contractor that you hire should provide you with all the services above, and they will let you know how the patio will look when the work is done. It is very simple for you to build a new patio, match that patio to your home’s design, and create enough space for your outdoor kitchen, lounge chairs, and family gatherings. Reach out to the best team by calling 702-329-6011

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