Top 6 Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Las Vegas boasts way too many fun activities to list, and a great deal of them are quite less than savory. But Las Vegas escape rooms let you and your core group build team skills and strengthen bonds in a safe, supportive environment. Most escape rooms are fun and challenging, with kid-friendly entertainment options worth considering. Here are the top six escape rooms located in the Las Vegas area.

How would you like to spend an afternoon solving puzzles to defeat criminal masterminds or escaping a haunted house? Dive into adventures like this and more by visiting the top escape rooms in Las Vegas. A challenging yet engaging way to spend time and socialize, participants are given a scenario with a set objective to accomplish and they do so by finding clues and solving puzzles. Participants are required to solve the puzzles and find all the clues in a preset amount of time, usually 45-60 minutes. Each riddle solved brings you closer to escaping the room.

Games require participants in groups of 2-10 people and the group size varies with each escape room scenario. Usually escape room facilities have multiple scenarios to choose from. Once the challenge is completed, the group is informed by the operator and escorted out of the room.

Common among corporates, escape rooms encourage creative problem solving, encourage collaboration, build empathy and foster teamwork. In fact, they are often visited by companies for these very reasons. Escape rooms are also perfect for a day out with friends, a birthday celebration or a date. It is also a wonderful way to bond with people without the use of cell phones or other electronics.

In this article, we cover the best escape rooms in Las Vegas and what to consider when picking out an escape room to visit.

#1) Trapped! Escape Room is the #1 Voted Escape Room in Las Vegas

The vote is in! Trapped! is voted the number one escape room in all of Clark County. They have the best games, friendly staff, high quality designs, and affordable prices. No matter if this is your first or hundredth visit to an escape game, you’ll have a ton of fun at this location. Trapped! currently has two other locations in Upland and San Dimas. They are known around the country for their amazing set designs and attention to detail. Give them a shot and book a visit today.

Address: Trapped! Escape Room, 4760 Polaris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone Number: (702) 907-8078

Directions to Trapped! Escape Room from The Strip

The Trapped! Vegas location is only minutes from The Las Vegas Strip. If you’re in town on vacation, we highly recommend taking the time to visit their business. You’ll have a lot of fun!

Located under a mile from the Strip at Polaris Avenue just north of Tropicana Avenue, Trapped! is an experience operating in Las Vegas since 2015. Although the location is a hot spot, Trapped! is located away from the chaos of the Strip. It is ideal for people staying on the Strip as you will avoid spending the extra money on a taxi. However, there is also plenty of parking at the facility.

Trapped! has three escape room types: One Eyed Jack, The Lair of the Puzzlemaster, and Operation x-13. One Eyed Jack centres around a serial killer who has been terrorizing the town. The scene is that you have had a night out with friends the previous night despite warnings to stay indoors. You wake up the next morning dazed and remembering little of the previous night, knowing only that you need to get out soon. The Lair of the Puzzlemaster requires you to solve clues to escape the hidden lair of a criminal mastermind titled “The Puzzlemaster.” In Operation x-13, you are entrusted with knowledge that a corporation has developed a formula that will convert innocent test subjects into killers and are required to stop them before it’s too late.

At Trapped!, you and your teammates will have 60 minutes to decipher clues and figure out how to complete your mission. You are advised to budget at least 90 minutes for the whole experience. Trapped! also ensures that your experience with your group is completely private and you are never joined by strangers.

An experienced escaper reviewer brought out that Trapped! is unlike other escape rooms in that, although all designed by the same person or organization, every room feels unique. One Eyed Jack is recommended for adults and older teens, as it contains some horror elements but is not scary on the whole. The other two rooms are family friendly and suitable for young children.

A favourite with customers is One-Eyed Jack with rave reviews about the immersive set design. Reviews praise how the design of the room truly makes the experience come alive. One Eyed Jack carries a low difficulty rating but will thrill both beginners and seasoned escapers alike. Also, it is important to note that some crawling may be required.

Bookings with Trapped! can be made online or you can contact them by email or phone. You can also arrange to gift an experience to a family or friend with the Trapped! gift certificates.


#2) Lost Games Escape Rooms is the #2 in Las Vegas

Lost Games is a family owned escape room located on S. Valley View Boulevard near the Las Vegas Strip. Lost Games presently operates with a single story of which the games form chapters. You can opt for Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 or do both, which they call their back-to-back experience. More escape rooms are in the works for Lost Games and you can definitely look forward to the next chapter of this story in the future.

Address: Lost Games Escape Rooms, 3075 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone Number: (702) 551-3075

Directions to Lost Games Escape Rooms from The Strip

Lost Games is located very close to The Las Vegas Strip and Town Square. If you’re new or an experienced gamer, I highly recommend checking out Lost Games Escape Rooms!

The storyline follows Solitude Heights Insane Asylum where you and your teammates have been admitted as the newest resident patients. Mysterious deaths, unexplained disappearances and other peculiar happenings prompt you to find your way out or forever be locked into one of the rooms of the asylum. Chapter 1, The Doctor’s Secret, finds you waiting to meet the doctor but you discover you have been poisoned and the poison will take effect in 60 minutes. In the meantime, you need to find the antidote. In Chapter 2, Playtime, you are informed that you have found the cure but you need to find your way through the asylum and make your escape. Participants must be aware that they may find themselves in confined spaces at certain points in the game. The game also incorporates low lighting, fog and even some flashing lights. Crawling may be required. Live actors take part in the introduction but will not be in the rooms with participants. There are some elements of horror so it is advised that children be over 13, however children of all ages can participate as long as an adult accompanies them.

Reviewers of Lost Games often start with Chapter 1 and love it so much that they do Chapter 2 on the same day. The back to back experience option is popular with customers. Movie quality sets with objects designed for a tactile experience give customers a “wow” factor.  Customers also appreciate the emergency buttons that are placed around the escape rooms so people never feel like they are really trapped inside. The option of doing both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 as part of their back to back experience makes for a more immersive experience with the story.

Lost Games can be contacted by phone to book a slot. Bookings for the back to back experience can be made by booking both chapters one after the other. You can then participate in one game after the other with a 15 minute break in between. However, it is particularly important to book in advance if you are keen on doing both chapters. Gift certificates for Lost Games can also be procured.


#3) Headz up

Established in 2017, Headz Up is different from the other escape rooms mentioned here as it contains more attractions in store. At Headz Up, you can indulge in trick art museums, archery tag, axe throwing and see the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame exhibit. To get there, you’ll have to head over to Boulevard Mall at S. Maryland Parkway about 3 miles from the Strip. Don’t be surprised if the mall looks deserted and you find everyone in line to get into Headz Up.

At Headz Up escape rooms, there are 6 different types of escape rooms to pick from. In The Inside Job, you and your teammates have to prove your worth as con men. Valuable jewellery is on display at the Headz Up casino and you’re set to pull off a heist within 90 minutes. In The Smoking Gun, you and your gang are transported to 1879. Comb through the little town of Smoking Gun in New Mexico to track down a band of thieves planning to rob the town bank before 90 minutes is up. The Legacy is a 60 minute immersive experience where the objective is to decipher the secrets about one of the world’s greatest explorers to prove you are worthy of his inheritance. Retrieve valuable artwork and locate a mastermind’s lair in Secrets of the Master which is 60 minutes long. In The Great Car Heist, 60 minutes is all you have to break into the vintage auto shop of Greasy Pete, a car thief, and reporting what you find. Shipwreck Cove is a 30 minute beginner escape room where the team is responsible for finding treasure by exploring an island and an abandoned ship.

As you can see, Headz Up has a ton of options when it comes to escape rooms. All the rooms are also private so you are not with strangers, except for the Great Car Heist escape room, their only public room. A family can spend a whole day at their facility checking out all their different offerings. All rooms require a minimum of 2 people except for the Smoking Gun which requires a minimum of 3. Being part of a larger facility, the escape rooms are large but are sufficient to engage a smaller group of maximum 4 to 5 people. This may not be the best place to engage a corporate team. All their escape rooms are family friendly and do not incorporate any horror themes.


#4) Rush to Escape

Top notch escape room experience in Las Vegas Rush to Escape is located at the Sahara Ave Suite. Rush to Escape houses three types of escape rooms: Ultimate Heist, Prison Break and Smite Sherlock.

In Ultimate Heist, your mission is to break into an industry warehouse to steal a vial of top secret nerve agent before its too late. Prison Break requires you to escape jail while the warden is out, where you have been put for a crime you did not commit. Smite Sherlock will see you helping Sherlock Holmes steal a letter from the house of his friend before his friend returns. Duration of all games are 60 minutes are require at least 3 players, except for Ultimate Heist where just 2 are enough. Games generally require small amounts of crawling or climbing.

Customers love the attention to detail by Rush to Escape, one customer reporting on how he received kneepads and nerf guns for the purpose of Ultimate Heist. In fact, Ultimate Heist is a favourite among customers because of the equipment used as part of the game. Customers are given earpiece radios, tactical vests full of gear, flashlights and much more. People also give shining reviews about the hospitality of Rush to Escape, especially noting how the host offers you a beverage when you enter. Hospitality and the hosts get glowing reviews and make Rush to Escape special.

Bookings and enquiries can be made through the Rush to Escape website.


#5) The Basement

The number one escape room center in the United States, The Basement is located on Polaris Avenue in Las Vegas. Like Lost Games, the experience offered by The Basement is part of a single storyline divided into chapters.

The story is that you and your teammates have been captured a cannabalistic and disturbed serial killer. In The Basement, the game advised to be done first, you will have to search the lair of the killer to find clues and numerous other items to help you get out. In The Study, the second part of the story, you have escaped his basement and now find himself in a space he had no idea you could reach: his study. You find clues that help you learn more about your kidnapper and you will need to piece these together to successfully escape his clutches. Each of the games at The Basement lasts for 45 minutes and you are required to complete it within that time.

While there are a few horror elements present, the escape rooms at The Basement would not classify as a scary experience. They do, however, have strict restrictions as to age: children under the age of 13 will not be admitted and all children under 17 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Certain documents are to be presented in respect of underage children.

The perks of these rooms are that both rooms accommodate a team of upto 10 players each. This makes it ideal for large corporate teams or birthday parties. This has been emphasized in reviews by customers. Customers with experience playing escape rooms have favourably commented that the rooms are well designed to be challenging even for a team of 10 people at a time. Some escape rooms are not successful at this and it ends up with a lot of people standing idle or the puzzles being solved too quickly: this is not the case with The Basement.

Live actors are also part of the game inside and outside the rooms. They may make touch contact with you as part of the game. All rooms are locked but fitted with panic buttons near the exit doors that can be pushed in case of any emergency.

With The Basement, it is recommended that customers do the stories in sequence: The Basement and then The Study after that. Bookings with The Basement can be made online. They also sell gift certificates so that you can make gift the experience to a loved one.

#6) Escapology

Fight the spread of a deadly global infection, have an Old West shootout, or solve a mansion murder at Escapology. Escapology treats locals and visitors to eight different rooms whose themes change seasonally.

Escapology blends reality and fantasy, with dynamic props and interactive games. A recent throwback escape room, “Cuban Missile Crisis,” entails an American spy who must penetrate Fidel Castro’s palace to uncover KGB ties.

Games accommodate two to six players and have a 60-minute limit.

Other Las Vegas Escape Games

Lockdown Escape Rooms

Lockdown Escape Rooms invites groups to escape an assortment of creatively themed escape rooms in 60 minutes or less. All of the storylines are life or death, involve some degree of imprisonment or entombment, and children under 16 are welcome to participate with adult supervision.

Each escape room is engineered for three to eight players, with emergency exits for convenience. “Wrongfully Accused,” “Cursed Cabin” and “Pharaoh’s Curse” are some examples of escape rooms recently offered.

Countdown Live Escape Games

At Countdown Live Escape Games the prevailing themes are “mystery” and “impending doom.” You must solve puzzles whose answers affect your very life. The owner keeps it fresh and engaging by incorporating familiar icons of pop culture, literature and history.

Past themes include Sherlock Holmes, horror film-inspired and scifi-oriented. Despite the dark subject matter, the games are on the cerebral side, with average escape rates hovering at less than 25 percent.

Escape or Die

This name says it all, but Escape or Die packs more of a thought-provoking punch than its name implies. These rooms envision apocalyptic scenarios. Battle the elements while traveling to a new civilization whose location you have to access through directions disguised as clues and riddles.

Live out your ZDay fantasies in the Zombie Takeover room, or escape encroaching disease in the Biohazard escape room. Escape or Die hosts smaller games, designed for four players at most. There are also private group options for larger parties. They close periodically for repairs, so call ahead.

Xterious Escape

If your Las Vegas outing coincides with a large gathering for work or play, consider Xterious. This is one of a handful of highly innovative escape rooms whose campus can host large parties.

Xterious can even arrange for two teams to play the same game in separate rooms, ratcheting up the excitement and the level of competition. Race against the spread of a deadly virus, outsmart the great Bugsy Siegel, break out of a maximum security prison, or locate an ancient Mayan statue to undue its apocalyptic curse on the world.

Xterious welcomes groups of 10 or more, although 10 is the limit per game. Corporate events are welcome, or you can book a birthday party, school group, friends’ trip or bachelor party outing.


Escapeability is among the most popular escape games in Las Vegas, with its Casino Takeover puzzle that hosts up to two teams of up to 10 players each or 20 players comprising one large team. As of 2018, it is the largest escape room in the United States.

Others on the rotation include an escape from Mars, a missing persons case broken into two different levels, and a Pompeii-inspired escape room. In the Pompeii escape room, you and your family, friends or coworkers are gladiators trapped in dungeons on the eve of Vesuvius’ eruption.

Escapeability’s rooms range in difficulty from medium to hard, with an average escape rate of 35 percent.

Escape rooms are all the rage. Kidnappings, hostages, missing persons, prisons, laboratories, scientific thrillers, zombies and haunted houses are standard fare. However, each escape room company brings its own unique collection of sets, characters and clues, presenting endless variety. On vacations and getaways, escape rooms are excellent rainy day activities, not to mention an effective way to enrich communication, critical thinking and teamwork skills.


Things to consider when you pick an escape room to visit

1)         Your teammates – When picking your teammates, look for the people you work well with. Escape rooms are about a fun challenge but the team must have a singular goal. If a friend of yours is difficult to work with or is prone to wanting everything done in a certain way, they might find themselves high strung in a group activity such as this.

The people who accompany you will also determine the theme of the escape room and the level of difficulty you select. For example, a horror-themed escape room may be overstimulating for young children. Likewise, you may need to speak to the facility beforehand about the level of difficulty if a group of young children will be playing the game.

Ensure you also check the maximum number of people per game as the game might get crowded or be solved too quickly if there are too many people.

2)         Level of difficulty – Nearly all escape rooms carry a difficulty rating. Some rooms may be described as “perfect for beginners” or “non-linear play.” These descriptions do not necessarily convey the difficulty level but they can help you choose the ideal setting for you. If you’re a seasoned escaper, difficulty ratings are especially helpful.

3)         Theme – With escape rooms gaining steam around the world, there are themes galore to choose from. Pick something that excites you and your mates. According to Wikipedia, the top three themes are airplanes, bomb defusing and carnivals.

A common question from newbies is whether escape rooms are scary. To answer, most are not. Some may carry a scary theme but if that’s not for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Most escape rooms carry a scare scale as well. When visiting with children, parents are often asked to sign a waiver form before commencing the game. Although the risk is negligible, some horror elements such as blood, hanging dolls, talking dolls etc, may be deemed unsuitable for children.

4)         Availability – Escape rooms usually need to be reserved in advance. Bookings are usually made for a specific time slot. Walking in without a reservation may get you a slot but it is subject to availability at the time. If you choose to wait, you may have to wait until a group finishes its turn provided nobody else has made a reservation. You could find yourself waiting for more than an hour.

5)         Activity level – Some escape rooms may involve minor climbing or some crawling. It is best to check first with the escape room facilitators to see what is appropriate if children or elderly people are going to be participating. You will be also interacting with multiple objects: such as moving things, touching things and pushing or pulling.

6)         Reviews – Check out Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook for reviews. The escape room experience is so fulfilling and enjoyable that most escape rooms achieve a rating of 4.5 or higher. So you may need to dig beyond the stars and ratings to find the perfect room. A few bad comments should not put you off unless they persistently refer to poor management, customer service or organization. Pay attention to the way the escape room addresses these issues. It speaks volumes about how they perceive their customers.

7)         Location – With so many escape rooms in Las Vegas to pick from, there is bound to be one nearby. Particularly if you are on vacation, you may want to plan so that the escape room is also close to other things you want to do in Las Vegas. If it’s all walking distance from one another, it’s an even better way to plan so you can see the city.

Escape rooms may also occupy the same space as other entertaining activities such as arcade games and trick art museums. You could plan a day to spend time at an entertainment centre.

8)         Things to carry – Your thinking caps! Cell phones, flashlights and lock picks will usually be kept in a locker at the facility and you will not have access to them during the game. Even your backpack will be stored away for the duration of the game.

There are also online escape room games. The obvious difference with online and physical escape rooms is the immersion into the experience. Physical escape rooms require you to move around and handle objects to find clues. You are surrounded by the game as opposed to sitting on your couch.

Physical escape rooms are also a great form of social interaction. Interacting with other people on a physical level is superior to a virtual setting in many ways. Much of the pressure of social interaction is eliminated because everyone in the game is working towards a common goal.

Now you know the best escape rooms spots in Las Vegas, go ahead and make a booking. Check out Trapped! for our number one escape room in Las Vegas. You’re in for a fun challenge you’ll be talking about for days after.

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