Best Trade Show Booth Rental Services in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada this year for a trade show? If so, you’ll need the proper equipment, marketing, sales team, and booth presentation to make sure your event is a success. We have gathered some of the best services for trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas, NV. Check them out below!

Top Trade Show Booth Rental Services

  1. LV Exhibit Rentals, 3200 Polaris Ave #18, Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 312-1455
  2. Xibit Solutions, 3470 John Peter Lee Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89032, (702) 361-7502
  3. The Design Factory, LLC., 4318 W Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89032, (702) 656-0555

Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Marketing

Having an impressive trade show booth is of the utmost importance if you are looking to make an impression when you visit Las Vegas. Many companies will not stand out, because they won’t invest the time or cost that it takes to look different from everyone else. Event attendees can tell when you have invested in your brand, which will make them more likely to stop by and get interested in your products and services.

If you are making a statement at a Las Vegas trade show this year, then you absolutely need to hire a trade show modeling service. They will make your booth stand out from the crowd and make your brand look professional. Live Talent is one of the highest rated modeling agencies in Las Vegas. Reach out to their team to improve your convention visit’s success. Live Talent – Las Vegas Trade Show Models, 9205 W Russell Rd #240, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (888) 661-3373

Directions to the Las Vegas Convention Center

For directions to any of the above companies, please enter their address into Google Maps. Most are conveniently located only a few minutes from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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