Las Vegas Business Coach: Should you hire one?

Why Should you Hire a Las Vegas Business Coach?

The amount of risk, abundance of potential pitfalls, and varying degrees of personal inexperience create an intimidating landscape for those brave enough to start their own business. Start-up costs are typically substantial for any business startup, and the prospect of losing money will constantly loom over every business owner, especially in their company’s early stages. Inexperienced business owners, no matter how prepared they are, will run into problems and pitfalls for which they have failed to plan appropriately. Suffice it to say, no amount or detailed preparation, market research, or foresight can substitute for real business experience.

Hiring a business coach can be immeasurably beneficial to anyone who is in the process of starting their own business, whether its your 1st or 50th business. The involvement of a third party in your business planning and growth phases ensures that all possible obstacles and scenarios will be appropriately considered. Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes, all the more so when one of those heads has extensive experience in business development and consultation.

Here are several primary advantages to hiring a business coach:
• Goal Setting- Your business goals, especially when starting up a new company, can be too specific or too vague. A professional assessment of your goals may help to redefine your goals in a more realistic way. Some of your goals might require adjustment to include a new approach or additional demographic of potential clients and customers. The goals you set will guide your every move, so a detailed, implementable set of goals is invaluable to your business strategy.
• Strategy- Once clearly defined, attainable goals are set, a realistic strategy must be devised in order to achieve those goals. A professional business coach is prepared and able to explore all possible avenues and make recommendations on potentially profitable and constructive methods of increasing your company’s stability and growth.
• Growth- Once a certain degree of stability has been achieved, a business coach can begin to lay out a variety of recommended growth options. Expanding your business to a new area or demographic can be intimidating, as can adding new products, services, and/or employees. The job of your business coach is to challenge you to improve, constantly and steadily towards your ultimate goals. He or she can offer valuable advice regarding your expansion and marketing efforts.
• Marketing- Growth is nearly impossible without carefully planned-out and implemented marketing strategies. The vast ocean of marketing opportunities is difficult to navigate without professional assistance. Print ads, TV and radio commercials, directory listings, billboards, Internet, call centers… the list of potential marketing directions one can take with their business is endless. Your business coach will provide insight into the pros and cons of various advertising and marketing methods, as well as social media and networking approaches, which are quickly becoming every business’s primary marketing focus.
• Social Media- Marketing strategies are wholly incomplete without serious attention being paid to social networking options. Local, Internet directory listings on sites like Yelp, Google+, and the like are immeasurably necessary for the success of most businesses. Facebook business pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, and even Tumblr and Pinterest exhibitions are capable of reaching millions of potential customers and clients. Business coaches are well-versed in social media and can even help you to develop a separate, social media team dedicated to this one, important aspect of your business.

Business coaches typically offer two primary approaches to coaching. They are:
• Curriculum Coaching- The curriculum approach to coaching is more of a one-size-fits-all style. This can be beneficial for those who are on a budget or those who have no need for individualized, hands-on coaching. Curriculum coaching can be delivered in the form of videos, lectures, books, etc.
• Situational Coaching- The situational approach provides a more on-on-one coaching experience. Your company’s specific needs and goals are analyzed and an individualized strategy or series of implementable stages are devised accordingly. Having a third party present at all of your company’s business development stages can provide much-needed insight which may otherwise have remained unconsidered or prematurely rejected.

The highly competitive nature of business, especially among startup companies, is too great to not take advantage of every possible asset available to you. Hiring a professional, experienced business coach can make mean the difference between success and failure. Business coaches will help you to set realistic goals, devise strategies, market your business across all media, including social networking, and plan growth strategies for the future. Consider hiring a business coach whether you’re in the initial phases of business development, or planning on expanding your already successful business into new markets!

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