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Why hire a professional caterer for your next event?

Events are like business cards. Whether large banquets, cocktail parties, weddings, association lunches, or wine and cheese receptions, these gatherings reveal the character and priorities of the hosts. While this might seem unfair, it is reality nevertheless. Accordingly, plans should be detailed and orderly; invitations, prompt and elegant; and caterers, highly recommended and well-vetted. With these logistics in place well in advance of the event, the hosts are free to focus on their guests, putting their personal stamp on the occasion. Fortunately, the hallmarks of successful affair—and the criteria for an outstanding caterer—are simple and few.

Venue and Purpose

The word “appropriate” is overused, but in this case entirely…appropriate. A central component to creating a superior event is ambience. A tropical resort might work for offsite business team-building but a technological product launch benefits from a more austere setting. Similarly, family reunions thrive where there are numerous diversions; corporate board meetings do not. Sensitivity to atmosphere goes a long way to making the event memorable. Las Vegas catering companies, likewise, should possess experience in diverse settings and locales. Preparation, presentation and service will execute differently depending on the environment. Event planners do well to remember this.

Getting It in Writing

Verbal assurances by event planners are not sufficient no matter how long their experience. A comprehensive written plan for the occasion, marked by detailed exactness, should script it out from beginning to end. Such an undertaking should never be done under pressure so the planners best submit it to the sponsors long before the big day. This document ideally lays out the objectives of the gathering; the sequential plot of the event, speech by speech and session by session. Most importantly, any plan should cover cost estimates and any legal exposure the hosts may share. In the same fashion, a competent caterer shares a variety of menus—each with quotable prices—and a proposed, schematic rendering of food and beverage placement tailored to the venue.

Making Adjustments

A solid plan is good. Sticking to it is good. Yet every event planner and quality caterer in Las Vegas knows the high probability of unexpected circumstances. The venue management could drop the ball regarding space and furnishings. The speaker might run way overtime, requiring food to be heated (or chilled) longer than expected. Always a staple at every function are disagreeable and difficult attendees. Some caterers are unnerved by such developments. Competent providers, on the other hand, roll with the inevitable punches. They manage delays, as well as premature demands, with their own sets of contingency arrangements. Planners succeed when the caterers have seen it all before.

Being Creative

A memorable occasion is one that the attendees talk about for weeks and months. Usually, it appeals to imagination and a sense of adventure. Unique dishes presented in daring and attractive fashion please the rank and file, whose usual lunches involve a deli sandwich and some soup. Even though the Strip has many great restaurants, most workers just go to casual restaurants for lunch in Las Vegas. Giving the registrants an adventure at mealtime is the hallmark of a top-tier caterer, which can give the attendees even the briefest vacation from the routine. Competitive food and beverage servicers are always testing, experimenting and discovering. Often, they outpace the five-star restaurant chefs in originality and innovation.

Outstanding events are meticulously planned. That planning begins with an amazing Las Vegas caterer like Matteo’s Gourmet Food Service, run by head Chef Matt Meyer of the Served restaurant located in Henderson, NV.

Contact the Served restaurant catering division here:

Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services
1770 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100, Henderson, NV 89012
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