How to Hire a Printing Company in Las Vegas, Nevada

However good the equipment is in your Las Vegas office, it will almost certainly be lacking the quality required to turn out brochures, posters and many other commercial printing requirements that promote your brand, business, products and services. Printing is a specialized operation which comes with expertise and experience, so how do you go about choosing a printing company which will represent the quality of your business with the production of your marketing and advertising?

What will you choose to print?

Where you limit yourself to brochures, letterheads and a few smaller printed items, the majority of commercial printers will be able to handle your requirements. Some online companies will be able to service all of your requirements and you may never need to meet, as all uploads can be handled through the Internet, with delivery direct to your door.

Online businesses are able to charge less because they do not require expensive high visibility locations.

A local printing company may be sufficient for a small run, but if you require 1 million brochures printed, selecting a company that can cope will be a vital ingredient in your selection process

When you need an extremely large printing job completing successfully, you can hire a print broker who will search for the best printing company for your job. This may include an overseas printer or one from another state across the country.

When you choose to print large banners, awesome large posters for showing in Times Square, graphics onto construction signs and promotional products of every size and variety, spending time selecting a commercial printing company will focus more on their capability, than the locality.

When you know exactly what you want to print, you will be able to cancel out all of the businesses that cannot cope with your specific requirements.

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Meet with your Las Vegas printer

You can choose to meet with a few printing companies to see if they easily understand your requirements and whether you feel comfortable having a medium to long-term relationship. By understanding realistic turnaround times for your business, you will be able to select diary dates to include the commercial printer early in your processes so that all of your target dates can be met without any dissatisfaction.

Meeting with two or more local printers will give you the opportunity to find out about their experiences within various industries and also to see what technology they use and how up-to-date their printing presses are.

Unless you have a brilliant artist within your business, it is better to ask and except the expert advice from the graphics designer at the printing company. They will understand which size, style and color of font is best to impact your promotional requirements.

Your printing checklist

  • Identify your particular printing requirements
  • Can the printer work with your technology for direct mail?
  • Can they handle your choice of colors?
  • What full range of services do they offer?
  • Do they specialize in particular services?
  • Which other clients do they work with – are they similar to you?
  • Can they work with your graphic files?
  • How do they price jobs and do the payment methods match your requirements?
  • Do they help you with your convention printing?

Choosing a Las Vegas based printing company is not a difficult task when you take the time and effort to match your needs to the possibilities that are available. If you’re coming to Las Vegas for a trade show, you’ll want to consider hiring trade show models to help market your business at your booth. A mismatch will cause complications later, but the true test is to look at examples of their work to see how that matches your exacting requirements.


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