The Why and How of Becoming an Entrepreneur in Las Vegas

The quest for financial success is a priority for many people. We understand that you want to start a business in Las Vegas, Nevada. We don’t want to worry about making rent each month, or earning enough to buy food every month. Not to mention worrying about getting dinner at a restaurant in Las Vegas… expensive!

One way for you to conquer financial success is by opening up a business or start up a company. Want to search our database of Las Vegas Businesses? Click the link. The real question then is; why and how do you start a business in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas, or simply put Vegas is estimated to have an area of around 352 sq. Kilometers, with a population upwards of two million according to the most recent census, the city is rife with various entertainment spots (everything from escape rooms to nightclubs) and activities.

With a population of over two million individuals, Las Vegas offers a rich market for various industries.

So, how do you start a business in Las Vegas?

It is not some quantum thermodynamics equation, in fact it’s pretty simple. Give me a minute to walk you through the steps and I’ll lay out everything for you.

There are a few things you will have to get in order to start a business in the entertainment capital of the world:

  • What type of entity should you start?
  • A fictitious firm name (optional)
  • EIN number
  • Nevada state business license
  • Regulatory and local business licenses
  • Nevada Department of Taxation

Fictitious name

In order to start a business it is only logical that you have a very concrete idea of what you want to do, or what you want to sell to the general population, after establishing this. The next step is you need a business name and not just any business name but a unique business name – originality is important here. It is this business name that you will submit for registration to the Clark county clerk’s office.

EIN Number

This is referred to as the Employee identification number and can be obtained at no cost from the IRS/the government through here.

Nevada state business license

Usually obtained from The Nevada department of Taxation, it is obtained at a fee depending on the type of business with non-governmental organizations exempted from paying any fees. There are a number of prerequisites required before obtaining this license with these being: the local license application, and the declaration on whether the business is exempt from paying the licensing fee.

Regulatory and local business licenses

One of the main prerequisites to obtaining fulfilling this requirement is the knowledge of your jurisdiction. Regulatory licenses are dependent on the nature of the business, and you can determine (luckily) this online. You can also get to find out if your business has any peculiarities with regards to land use or zoning requirements. On the other hand local licenses are limited to jurisdictions and can be obtained from local jurisdiction office. For businesses that tend to traverse more than one jurisdiction is is only logical that local licenses for the intended scope in terms of jurisdictions will have to be filled out.


With a population north of two million individuals, in addition to the town being a prime tourist destination in the United States of America, Las Vegas is one of the states is where starting a business actually makes sense. The population is a healthy domestic market, while the tourists influx offers diversity in market to any savvy entrepreneur.

Starting a business in Las Vegas does not have to be a complicated venture. With quite a number of the services being offered online by the state licensing offers, the hassle is pretty much reduced. You still have to put in some legwork, though, and visit the licensing offices for the process to be complete.

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Please note- this information is for entertainment purposes only. Contact a respected professional for advice.

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