Tips for Planning a Las Vegas Wedding!

Here are a few tips to think about when starting to plan your Las Vegas wedding!


Choose Your Date


Choosing a wedding date is an important factor when having your wedding in Vegas. Since it is a world-famous destination, it can be extremely busy during holidays, conventions and concerts. This can also drive up the price of the wedding venue and the travel getting there. Flights and hotel rooms tend to increase in price around big events.

The weather is something to consider also. Spring and Fall are both beautiful, thus making them popular months to get married. July and August are hot. The average temperature in these two months is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temps that high might be uncomfortable in formal attire and for your guests. Winter months can be rainy and windy, but if you are coming from a snow zone that might be perfect.

Lastly, special days can sell out. Days like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and even Sweetest Day will be busy at many venues. Consider switching to a date around the special event or maybe a different time of day if your heart is set on a particular day. A brunch or luncheon reception is always a nice option.


Guest List: Locals or Out of Towner’s?


When planning the guest list keep in mind a Las Vegas wedding is considered a destination wedding. On average 50% of guest will be able to attend a wedding that is out of town. Vegas is a good choice since there are many affordable hotel options, many direct flights and lots to see and do for your guests before and after the wedding. Keep in mind that all of your guests might not be able to attend, and not just because of financial reasons. Scheduling time off of work, arranging childcare and health issues could make travel difficult for some. Giving your guests as much notice as possible gives them a chance to figure their schedule out.


Picking the Dress


When it comes time to say “yes to the dress” keep a few things in mind. You are going to have to travel with your wedding dress. Are you close enough to drive? That way you have complete control of your dress’ destiny, and it won’t get lost, wrinkled or dirty. If you are flying, contact the airline ahead of time. They might be able to hang your dress up in the closets the flight attendants use and probably is a better option than trying to stuff it into a carry on bag. Checking the dress can also be a little bit concerning if your luggage gets lost. Another option is to ship your dress. You would be able to track it and know when it arrives. Package your dress as though you are going to preserve it for fewer wrinkles.

The last option is a little bit risky. You can wait until you arrive in Las Vegas and rent a wedding dress. There are at least twenty different places to rent a wedding dress and all of the needed accessories right in town. Some wedding venues and or chapels even have gowns for one stop shopping. Rental locations can help you find and alter a gown in just a couple of hours. Men rent tuxedos for their wedding day why shouldn’t the bride do the same?

Choosing a Venue: On or Off the Strip?

There are many venues and styles of wedding offered in Las Vegas. You can have a very elegant wedding, a garden wedding or have something different. Of course, everyone knows you can get married by Elvis or at a drive-thru wedding chapel. Did you know that you can get married on the top of a Ferris Wheel or on the Eiffel Tower? These are not just theme weddings, but weddings that you won’t be able to find outside of Vegas. There is a location where you can get married underwater with sharks and stingray or at the Kiss Chapel for fans of the famous painted face group. You will be able to fulfill your dreams with a wedding in Las Vegas.

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