Tips on Starting a Business in Clark County

If you see a business opportunity or simply need to create an entity quickly you will need to formally set up a business quickly to capitalize on the situation available to you. Luckily, setting up a business is not all that difficult depending on the type of organization that you need to set up. This article will provides some insight in how to quickly set up a business and some basic considerations that you should have when you are beginning the process.

To start with you will have to understand the types of businesses in Clark County, Nevada that you can set up and which form works best for you. The answer regarding the best business structure for your needs is very dependent on your individual situation. It is best to contact a tax accountant but to understand what you are looking for. To begin, how many individuals will be the owners of the company and what level of legal protection in Nevada will you need? At a base level a single member llc (limited liability corporation) often provides the best option for individual owners who want some legal protection but don’t want to develop a second layer of taxation on the entity. An LLC has the income and losses flow through to the owner and is considered a disregarded entity for tax purposes. For companies that are expected to grow beyond 500 owners a C Corp structure may be more relevant.

Once you choose the form of the business a document needs to be developed to document the business structure for your Clark County company and other agreements the business has entered into. The name of the document will depend on the structure chosen and you may have a corporate charter, partnership agreement, or so on. This agreement should document the split of profits and losses, distributions, and other key business responsibilities and ownership.

The next step is filing the paperwork to formally organize your business. To do so you will have to file a form with the IRS to obtain an employer identification number (EIN) and register with your local state or municipality. Requirements vary from state to state and it is important to look up the requirements in your individual state. Any business in the United States will need to obtain an EIN however and will use this number when filing their tax return and to pay employees.

These are the basic requirements to start a business quickly. Be sure to take time to hire the right counsel to oversee the process to form your business. Starting a business is more than simply thinking of an idea and locating customers. Organization and structure is needed to help your business obtain the framework it needs to succeed in the marketplace.

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